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Related post: Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 00:28:06 +0000 From: Bill Drake Subject: QB Club Retreat, pt. 1QB Club Retreat Bill Drake ( WARNING: The following story contains graphic depictions of male/male sex and is for adults only. Do not read if such material offends you or is inappropriate for your age. This story is fictional and in no way reflects on the real persons depicted. For more of my stories, check out the Authors page home video teen lolitas of the Nifty archive, or join the Drake Stories Yahoo Group ( to all the readers who wrote in with their favorite players they wanted to see virginz lolita pics pedo "cast" in the story. Keep those emails coming: Club RetreatThe Arrival Drew Brees woke up next to a full-blooded young teen loli toplist hunk of a man sleeping away soundly. very young lollita pics The man was about the same height as the Chargers quarterback, with a similarly powerful, knotted build. And like Brees, the man had blue-eyed boy-next-door gallery lolitas free pics looks to kill nn preteen lolitas asian for.And something else that got the athlete's attention and brought him out of his early morning blurry-eyed haze: a nice, firm bubble ass consisting of two mounds of perfectly rounded muscle. The twin buns sat high and tight right below a magnificent back that was bared for Brees's gaze. Drew had noticed this butt the minute its owner, a twenty-something Marine, had walked into the local San Diego sports bar. The kid had been star-struck at running into the pro star, and horny too. This hot little fucker could really put out, Brees thought as his hand traced up the inside of the marine's hairy thighs and he recalled the previous night's bedtime activities.The man shuddered but didn't wake as the Charger's hand glided further up, parting the crevice between the lolitas preteen nymphets magazine firm muscle, and poked gently into the hot mangash wedged deep between. It opened up - hot, moist, inviting.Drew pushed two of his thick quarterback fingers in - ever slowly - and felt the tightness of lolitas nude pic xxx perfect marine cunt. That ass was hiking up now, the man's legs spreading slightly to signal Drew further inward. He was awake."Mmmh...Back for more, huh?" the marine's deep baritone purred as his body luxuriated in the ministrations of the pro athlete. Lazily he looked over at Drew, taking in the sight of the NFL player's perfectly conditioned bod and reaching over to lolitas pics preteen sites grasp the overheated, hardened jock dickmeat.The grunt's hand felt good, real good, wrapped around his morning hardon. It felt russian teen lolita nothing even better as it started to explore Brees' full-sized length and to jack the athlete's prick masterfully. But Drew's right hand was wedged tight into one of the moistest, tightest asses in San Diego and it was reminding him that he wanted more than a handjob.Silently, he legal bbs lola photo removed the marine's hand and knelt up on the bed. Crawling between the man's hidden lolita nude photo legs he leaned forward, using his right hand to push down his erect cock until it was perpendicular to his tight abdominals. The bloated head looked obscene pushing its way in between the round buns. Drew looked down as he pushed further on, til watch russian lolita xxx his cockhead nudge against that wet hole."Fuck yeah!" the marine grunted as his manhole was breached. He had to remember to personally thank his service buddies for betting that he'd be too chicken to go up and say anything to Brees.Now he was getting the shit pounded out of his ass as lolita bbs free gallery Brees went to town on his fine, upturned butt."Fuck, marine, great fucking ass you got! You gonna put out for me from now on aren't ya, stud?" Drew had grabbed the man's hips and was using his arm strength to give a rough, lolitas sex porn teens steady fuck to the guy."Damn straight, guy. Any fucking topless free lolita galleries time you nudist lolitas beach pics want, I'm yours. Come on, fuck me, Drew.""Shit... Any time I want? Us NFL guys have a healthy appetite for fucking you know.""Marines can take it, sir," the grunt muttered as each deep ass thrust brought out an involuntary deep whimper from his throat."I want you here in this bed when I get back in town Wednesday. Buck ass naked and showing off your greased cunt. Nah, better yet, I wanted you dressed. Full uniform. Gonna rip that off ya and breed you right here on my bed.""Jesus Christ, I'm shooting, sir! Goddamn big nut, too...""Let it loose, marine. I'm about there too, you fuck!"The marine whimpered into the pillow as Brees gripped his hips and held in deep, depositing his hot seed. **********The ticket agent hadn't even finished telling Drew Bledsoe and Lawyer Milloy that their connecting flight was cancelled when Milloy exploded in an angry outburst."What the hell do you mean it's cancelled?! We don't have twelve hours to get pre nude lolitas photos from Buffalo to Denver!"Drew immediately came up behind Milloy and wrapped his right arm around his teammate's shoulder and discretely placed his left hand right on the crotch of Milloy's suit. "Calm down, buddy," Bledsoe said. "We can hang out in the VIP lounge." Milloy's prick felt meaty and heavy in his trousers. Drew guessed that the lineman was wearing his favorite lucky silk boxers. With nearly invisible movement, his hand groped and teased at the lengthening staff as he addressed the agent. "Sorry, ma'am, my friend's just having a bad day. What time's the next flight to Denver?""1:20 Mr. Bledsoe.""That gives us an hour or two in the lounge. What do you say bud?" Drew asked Lawyer as his hand was teasing a rapidly enlarging cock.Milloy just flashed Bledsoe a wide smile and said, "Lead the way man." **********Virginia sophomore tight end Heath Miller reclined back in the rental car passenger seat as the mountain air rushed in through the open window, bristling the athlete's light brown crew cut."You owe me big time for agreeing to come out to the middle of nowhere just so you could spend some time with your boyfriend, buddy."Miller's teammate Matt Schaub shook his head and laughed. He knew Miller was almost as eager for this QB Club retreat as he was and was just egging Schaub on. "Jesus, Miller, John and I aren't boyfriends. We're just, um, well...""Just fuckbuds?" the Cavalier tight end laughed. "Shit, I've never seen dick buddies so smitten with one another. Why don't you admit you're crazy for Elway?"Heath was right, Matt thought. Ever since the party at Peyton Manning's house last year, preteen naked girl lolitas he and retired QB John Elway shared something special. He knew the minute he first knelt between the former Bronco's beefy legs and placed his hot, wet QB mouth against the massive club of NFL cock teen anal lolita sex that a lifelong dream had come true. But he was simply one of a dozen or two college stars to service Elway that weekend, so preteen nude lolitas toplist at first he had cp and lolitas galleries know idea that his idol since childhood would even remember his cocksucking much less anything else about him.It wasn't until he naked underage 100 lolitas got John's number from one of the QB Clubbers and could hear the man's desire and testosterone surging teenie nude lolita pics even over littlelolita 100 top sites the phone that Schaub knew the ex-Bronc had the hots for him as well. Within 14 hours, Elway had taken the first plane to Charlottesville and was in Matt's dorm room, straddling the underage pussy nude lolitas college jock's chest, face fucking the hell out of his throat while Schaub just gripped all the pro-stud muscle he could and relaxed his throat around the fattest, finest piece of cock he could want.Matt was snapped out of his reverie by a muscular hand brazil small lolita pics gripping the hardon pushing up his Virginia mesh practice shorts. He hadn't packed much less worn underwear, so he could feel the heat of Miller's beefy paw. "Jesus, Schaub!" the sophomore teased. "You think it's safe to drive with a boner like this?"Matt looked down at his teammate's lap. The navy blue sweatpants were tented with Miller's angel naked preteen lolita thick stake. "Don't think you'd pass that test either, big guy." lolicon sex games free His buddy was definitely horny: even the guy's nipples were erect and showing their eraser nub ridges lolita cuties preteen nude through the white team shirt that stretched across his built chest.Miller shift uncomfortably bbs preview sandra loli in his seat. "Yeah, I guess I'm pretty boned right now. You say there are gonna be some hot guys there russian lolitas having sex tomorrow, right?""Fuck, Miller, you're gonna be a kid in a candy store." **********Brees was still collapsed on the marine's muscular back and both men nude euro loli models were recovering from their quick yet intense fuck when the doorbell rang."Shit! My ride's here." Brees exclaimed as he rolled off his fuck buddy and gathered up clothing little lolita girls ing to put on.Brees opened the door to see his spring break buds Peyton Manning and Rich Gannon, as well as two shy lola lolita sites of his fellow Chargers, linebacker Matt Wilhelm and backup lolitas blue teen links QB Seth Burford."Ready Drew?" Manning asked. He reached forward and grabbed the hot 24-year-old's neck and pulled his head in for a deep-tongue kiss. "Missed ya, stud," he young tender lolita sex muttered."Missed ya too, Peyt..." Drew said, blushing a deep crimson. Then looking up at the other men looking at swedish lolitas free pics him, he backed away from Manning. "Let me get my bag. One sec.""Wait, man!" Rich called out. "Aren't you gonna say hello to your main man Gannon?" And like Peyton, he grabbed Brees' top pink lolitas head and guided his mouth onto the younger QB's, probing and conquering the stud's oral cavity with his skilled tongue.When he was done Drew was out of nude lolitas preteen hardcore breath. "Shit," he said half under his breath. "I'm not sure I'm gonna make it through preteen lolita model toplist the weekend."All the men laughed and a couple rearranged the crotch of their jeans thinking about the party Elway was hosting this week. Wilhelm was the first to free underage russian lolita notice a man standing behind Drew."Bringing another guest Brees? I'm not white pre teen loli sure we got room."Drew turned around to see the marine in full uniform standing in front of the crowd of strapping pro athletes. "Nah, he's on his way out. But I'll see you later this week, right man?" he addressed the marine."Yessir," came the reply only it was clipped short by Drew's liplock as he pressed the well-built grunt against the door frame and gave him a goodbye kiss to remember.After he'd left and the men were loaded up and on the way, Manning couldn't help but tease Brees. "Looks like Drew wanted to prove studio art preteen lolitas he was top dog, huh?"Looking back from the front seat, Peyton beamed with a smile told Brees that he was joking and not angry, but damnit if the Colts star wasn't right. He'd been playing tough guy a lot lately, just like last night - picking up some hot All-American stud in the bar and taking him home and banging his ass all night long. "Don't worry, Brees," Gannon chimed in from the driver's seat. "You got all of the next two days to get what you really need from the men in the league.""Yeah," Peyton teen tiny pussies lolita seconded. "And we might even let you drive once in a lola model nude 15 while."Manning and Gannon laughed for a good minute, so it took them a while to realize that Wilhelm already had Burford unzipped and was bobbing his head up and down in the quarterback's lap. Seth met Rich's eyes in the rearview mirror and gave a wink."Fuckin' hell," Gannon chuckled. ********** The two pro athletes had barely muscled their way past the door of the VIP lounge changing room when Drew was on his knees in front of the handsome black athlete and was spreading his legs to put free holiday lolita pics his beautiful nude girls lolitas head at just the right height."Mmmh, Bledsoe," Milloy said as he grabbed Bledsoe's head and pushed it straight into his crotch. "I like the way you think... one of your nice juicy blowjobs... Only I thought we were gonna save it for a real nuts-to-butt fuck when we got there."Drew preteen lolita mafia links started undoing Milloy's petit lolis artistic nude belt, then pulled down the zipper of his suit. "Yeah, you're gonna fuck me tonight Milloy. Nice, hot, slow fuck." He now had a long, dark prick in his hand - the fucker wasn't fully hard yet, but it was nearly ten inches, crossed with veins and with a plump purple head moist and hot against Drew's unshaven cheek. "...But first I gotta taste this baby. A year's too fucking long, Milloy, ya know?"The plum-sized dickhead was parting Bledsoe's lips, slipping into his mouth. "Yeah, I know, big guy, I was pretty jazzed to hear that I was getting traded to the Bills, knowing my man Drew was gonna be there to take care of me. Oh yeah, suck that big motherfuckin' cock Bledsoe. Work that joint... ah! Fuck, you suck it so good man! Yeah, keep going, open up..." Milloy gripped Bledsoe's shoulders and was now using his hold as leverage to fuck his hips back and forth, thrusting an obscene stake of pro-player cockmeat into Drew's expert lolitas bbs gallery pic mouth. It seemed that all those college boys that Bledsoe liked to practice on had made his dickeating skills even better."You're too good man... gotta slow down. Whoa, boy, take it easy there. Lawyer's got all the jockjuice Bledsoe wants. Just wanna work it up real nice." free pthc lolita videos Milloy pulled Bledsoe off til his face was pressed against the length of his hard rod, spit lolita loguestbook ls preteen slick and erect. Drew lapped at the sides of the lolitas bbs forum free large staff, while the powerful black athlete gripped the base of his shaft and smacked Bledsoe's cute jock face with it over and over, savoring the feel of pro-stud stubble against his smooth dickskin."Yeah, you motherfuckin jock, take my big dick. That's what you wanted all last season wasn't it, big guy?""Oh fuck yeah," Drew muttered between swaths of his tongue across child model lolitas free the perfect prick surface. He was feeling hot all inside, and his own mega-hardon felt uncomfortable trapped in his pants. He'd have to rectify that right now, reaching down to unzip, let that million-dollar Bills cock out into the open. Now he could really get pre teen lolitas videos to work."Oh Christ!" Milloy cried out in surprise. "Lick those balls man. You know, fucker, know what your lolita top 50 underwear man teen nympho lolita nudist Milloy needs. Deep tonguebath on those babies."As much as Bledsoe loved sucking Lawyer's big cock, it was the pair of nuts hanging beneath that really got him going. Fucking romple lolas nude romple obscene sight: huge, round orbs, always drawn up tight against the shaft, even when the athlete was fully soft (which wasn't often). Drew liked to lick at those cajones, imagining just how much pro-jock cream they held, they could hold before they burst. He swore he could feel the gonads swell up with juice as he licked them or took one in his mouth. Just one of the nuts filled up his oral cavity, but Lawyer sure as hell didn't mind. The guy had topless teens lolita portal the most sensitive balls Bledsoe had ever encountered."Aw fuck, Drew, let go! I'm gonna shoot. I was saving this all week for your ass, but I can't hold back now. Gotta me so hot, damnit!" Milloy tried to guide his large purple cockhead to Drew's mouth but exploded before he got there. Wads of viscous, lolitz teen porn tgp pearly jock goo painted Bledsoe's face, drenching his hair and neck as well. The orgasm took nearly a minute to run its course as Milloy stood lolita preteen rape pics in the middle of the changing room free sexy lolita pictures and shuddered head to toe, eyes closed as his cock pumped out its spray.Just then a man cleared his throat. "Hmmhmm... sirs, I'm afraid you're not... oh fuck!"Drew and Lawyer turned to see a red-faced barrel-chested security guard standing at the room entrance. His face was stunned with the recognition that he'd just stumbled on two pro athletes in action.Drew stood up and sauntered over to the guard. Towering a little above the hunky 30-something hunk, he craned his face down and planted his cum-slick lips right onto the butch, married man's mouth. "You a Bills fan?" Bledsoe asked, his tongue starting to part the man's lips.The two men liplocked right in the airport VIP lounge backroom. They finally broke for air. "Well I am now," came the reply, as the security guard started lapping up the thick sheen of Lawyer cream from the star quarterback's face. ********** A good half minute after ringing the doorbell, Matt and Heath were greeted by an imposing, real teens cp lolita slightly buzzed Kerry Collins. "Come in, guys. We're in the back lolitas girls nude clips watching a lolita nymph hard core game we recorded last weekend. Just toss your stuff wherever."As they followed Collins down the hall, top model lolitas pic Heath pulled on Matt's sleeve and whispered. "Fuck! That's Kerry Collins, Matt. I nude youngest sexiest lolita can't believe it."The hallway opened up to a large rec room with two sofas and a couple of chairs circling around a large TV and a shy lolita kids pictures fireplace, that was roaring away. The two young athlete's scanned the room in amazement. Elway was reclining on the couch wrapped in a blanket. On the other sofa was Collins and Jake Plummer. Redskins punter and blonde stud Bryan Barker sat in one of the chairs, his attention focused on the kick off onscreen."Hey guys, this is my buddy Heath. He's tight end on the team."A round of hellos came from the men, who divided their attention between the game and the hot jocks who'd just joined them."Come join me on the couch bud," Elway called to Matt. He tossed off his blanket, revealing a massive chest, still rippled in steel-hard muscle and coated in a pelt of blonde fur that got denser as it neared the waistband of his boxer shorts. Matt gulped when he saw John's sizeable round bulge nestled between his thighs. Reaching over, Elway grabbed the sofa cushions and tossed them young lolitas incest porn behind, making more room. Schaub scooted in and reclined next to the retired star, who draped his burly arm over his chest.Meanwhile, Heath had seated himself between Collins and Plummer and sat back to watch the game, inwardly excited at what might happen on this retreat. He leaned back and felt the mass and heat of the studbuilt players pressed next to his body. He wished he'd worn shorts like choc russian girl lolitas Schaub because the contact with Collins' and Plummer's legs felt incredible.There was definitely a nip in the air, which explained the fireplace and the blankets, but Matt felt warm pressed against Elway's manly bod. As they watched the game, John's arm rubbed japanes teen lolita porn up and down Schaub's college jock torso, massaging the muscle through the sweatshirt. Occasionally he'd give a quick kiss on Matt's neck or ear, then the younger quarterback would crane teen angels lola models his neck back and the two would lock lips. After a half hour or so, John reached underneath the bottom of Matt's sweatshirt and pushed his hand up along the magic lolita preteen toplist naked flesh. His cock surged as he felt the fresh jock flesh. Something about college men turned Elway on big time, and Schaub was without doubt the most stunning piece of young masculinity John had snabbed in a long time. And he should know, Elway was a connoisseur of college ball players.Matt's body shuddered as he felt Elway's thick hand running roughshod over his hairy-smooth chest and rippled abs. He little lolitas bbs could feel the man's thick, hard tool pressing loli child top sites insistently against the material covering his ass. Words could barely describe the majestic hugeness of that Elway cock. It was like someone had blown up a normal man's cock to 14 yo russia lolis twice its regular size, only John's piece was steel hard. Damn, thought Matt, that dick must be poking out of John's boxers it feels so hot against my butt. His suspicions were confirmed when John removed his hand from Matt's chest, reached back around, then returned it. Now that fat club of NFL cockmeat was pushing underneath the leg of Matt's shorts. Hard, meaty and fire-hot, that dick ran along the curly hairs between Schaub's football-player thighs, tickling him and making his nipples stand firm and erect. Matt wanted to moan, but he didn't want to draw the attention of the other men, who were just sitting there watching the game. He did roll his eyes back involuntarily the second Elway's fat flared cockhead touched his ass pucker."Yeah, that's my boy," thought Elway as he positioned his cock right where he wanted it, all the time pretending to watch the TV set. He was glad Schaub had already lubed up down there. It felt nice, slick, inviting. Elway couldn't wait. Slowly, gently, he pushed in. It took some effort - as much as Schaub wanted this, John's Bronco-sized cock was so thick, the fat head swollen in desire. He wanted this jock ass bad, and he had to suppress a loud sigh as the gates to the Virginia athlete's tight bowels relaxed alt loli nude pics and Elway was able to slide his fat monster in. Kerry Collins, wearing only shorts and a beat-up T shirt, was feeling warm in his blanket but thought it was time to head to the kitchen to get more drinks. He was about to ask naked girls lolita japan John and Matt if they wanted anything, but when he looked over something stopped him. The two men were in the lolitas non nude 14 same position as before, brazil erotic lolitas videos eyes facing the TV, Elway behind Schaub, his 10 12yr old lolitas arm drapped over the younger man's torso. But Kerry could see that John's hips were moving. the best lolita sits Thrusting in and out gently but surely. He could see that Matt had an index of lolita 12year erection poking up the loose shorts he was wearing. And the kid's face was trying to be composed but actually showed the nude lolita models photos telltale twitches of pleasure of sexy girl loli board a full-blooded man getting fucked good and deep.Collins dick shot straight up in his shorts. Goddamn hot sight, he thought as he watched the two men rutting on the opposite couch. After several minutes of silent voyeurism he nudged the arm of the young jock sitting next to him."Hey, man, looks like your buddy over there is getting a grade-A Elway fuck," he whispered in the kid's ear. Miller looked at Collins quizzically, then over at John and Matt on the couch. When he looked back, lolita rusian teen model his cute boy-next-door face was matched with a big grin."They sure as fuck are. Leave it to Matt to get the action started without me.""Well, guy, I'm not as big as John, but I have a lolita young teen models nice, long hardon underneath this blanket that could really use a hot jock mouth right now.""Yeah?" Heath asked. "Guess I'm the man for the job, then, aren't I?""Yeah, guess you are," Kerry winked, lifting up the edge of the blanket. The sophomore tight end could see a glimpse best lolita video links of a very large lolita bbs topless 12yo cock throbbing between Collins' QB legs.Schaub felt wonderful - completely sexual, and intensely full. Sometimes he swore lol ta models naked that in Elway he'd found the biggest goddamn cock on Earth. Even if it wasn't he wouldn't trade for anything - John knew how to use his cock masterfully. Even as big as it was Schaub never felt pre lolita nymphet lls anything but pure jock pleasure whenever Elway fucked him.John was in asian preteen lolita pics heaven, tight jock ass wrapped around his meat and watching the jock's friend Miller across the room, head clip boards loli bbs ducked underneath Collins' blanket sucking off the pro athlete with gusto. He locked eyes with Kerry, who grinned and pulled off his blanket, revealing Heath sucking cock like a pro."You say that kid's just a sophomore," lolita porno tgp lo said Elway to Schaub, his dick doing hard, deep thrusts now.Matt looked over. His friend was deep throating a large piece of QB cock. Plummer was running his hands naked cams lolita sex all over Miller's lower body, rubbing the guy's hard cock through his sweats. "Yeah," Matt said, "pretty horny guy, too. He turn you on?""Hell yes," John growled mid thrust."Maybe you should have a go with him tonight." Instead of being jealous, it turned Matt nymphets lolitas no nude on to think that Elway was such an insatiable stud. One fucking him royally at the moment."I want both of you. At the same time. Switching nude little lolitas org back and forth between your tight asses til one of you make me shoot."The very idea was making Matt shoot. Collins about gasped when he looked over and saw a circle of very young loli hardcore wetness spread across the top of Schaub's practice shorts. Elway was sure fucking the jizz outta the boy. It kept coming, the kid's load spread out further, up over his sweatshirt, soaking the gray material, turning it dark. The wetness kept growing til Bryan knelt in front of Matt's crotch and began licking away.Then, all of a sudden it hit him, too. "Shit, kid, gonna blow," Collins grunted as he pushed Miller all the way the fuck down in his crotch and exploded a man-sized nut down the kid's preeteen nudist nude lolita throat.
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